Yugen and Bax & Company Team Up for a Greener Future

We are thrilled to announce our latest project partnership with Yugen, a positive impact design studio and Bax & Company, aimed at revolutionising the world of lithium-ion battery reverse logistics. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our shared mission to create a more sustainable world through next-generation automated, connected, and standardised processes that enhances safety, efficiency, and sustainability in this critical industry.

At Yugen, we have always been committed to driving positive change through our eco-friendly design agency. Our focus on sustainability and innovative design often puts us in the path of like-minded partners who share our vision.

That's why we are delighted to team up with Bax & Company, a renowned consultancy known for its expertise in fostering impactful collaborations.

Together, we are embarking on a project to create a website for the BatteReverse initiative that will serve as a thriving community for professionals and experts in the field of lithium-ion battery reverse logistics. This platform will connect innovators, researchers, industrial leaders, and forward-thinking SMEs from around the world. By leveraging the power of collaboration, the project aims to drive the industry forward, bringing us closer to more automated and connected battery reverse logistics processes.

The project consortium comprising of 11 partners from 6 countries, including top-level research institutes, leading industrial companies, innovative SMEs, and key innovation players, underscores the significance and breadth of this initiative. Along with Bax & Company, we are proud to be empowering this esteemed group of organisations, united by a common goal of reshaping the future of lithium-ion battery reverse logistics.

Through this partnership, we envision a world where the entire lifecycle of lithium-ion batteries is optimised, from production to end-of-life management. By harnessing our collective expertise as a positive impact design studio, we will develop cutting-edge solutions, facilitate knowledge exchange, and foster innovation that propels the industry toward a more sustainable and efficient future.

"We believe that collaboration is the key to unlocking the full potential of lithium-ion battery reverse logistics," said River Paige, one of the Creative Directors at Yugen. "Teaming up with Bax & Company allows us to combine our strengths as a sustainable design studio to drive transformative change at an unprecedented scale."

To stay updated on this exciting venture and be part of the community driving change in the lithium-ion battery industry, visit our website at www.yugenagency.co.

Join us on this journey as we work towards a future where sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand.