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Increase your perceived value, strengthen your messaging, and communicate your purpose with clarity. Yugen is a strategy-driven branding and product design agency that helps pioneering startups stand out, get funded, and grow fast.

Achieve the impact you set out to create.

What good is a vision if no one can see it? 

Yugen lights the path to commercial success for fast-growing startups. Bridge the gap between innovation and adoption with strategic thinking, exceptional design, and a narrative worth rallying around. So people and planet can thrive.

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The System ©

Yugen offers a unique approach to help startups reach their growth goals quickly. The System ⓒ consistently simplifies complex challenges and propels brands into a Tailwind. Tailwind brands are unignorable in their onlyness, and move efficiently along the path to commercial appeal.

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"The work Yugen did strengthened the messaging that I wanted to share"


/Ronit, CEO & Co-Founder
I enjoyed their methodology. The collaborative design-thinking approach was very novel. It was a very holistic process which worked well.

River and Matthew are very good listeners who are able to understand where it is you want to be, and what the current situation does and doesn’t reflect in relation to that. The work Yugen did strengthened the messaging that I wanted to share, and also emphasized the important things I had previously failed to emphasize.

“They have a strong sector focus. We're very satisfied by the output.”


/ Alex Keane, Co-Founder & Business Development Director
Matt and River were very reactive and well-organised. Their strong sector focus meant that they were quickly up to speed with the messaging and were able to course correct easily. We were very satisfied by the output and look forward to working with Yugen in the future.

“Our ambition was to go far beyond a typical website. Together with Yugen we made it happen”

It was a great experience to collaborate with Matthew and River from Yugen on developing the BatteReverse website - we particularly appreciated their flexibility, professionalism and excellent design skills. The business immersion workshop helped us sharpen our objectives and strategy, while the UX session was key in aligning website requirements with the needs of our stakeholders. Our ambition was to go far beyond a typical static website of EU-funded projects - together with Yugen we made it happen. The BatteReverse interactive community of circularity experts is growing fast and we are ready to revolutionise the reverse logistics of EV batteries.

Bax & Company

/ Piotr Grudzień, Innovation Consultant

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What makes Yugen a great fit for me?

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