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Step into the future of reverse battery logistics with BatteReverse

BatteReverse is working towards building the next generation of battery reverse logistics. 1.7 million tonnes of batteries will have reached their end of life by 2030. As a climate tech design studio, Yugen partnered with BatteReverse to strategise, design and develop a community driven website experience to encourage, empower and excite battery experts across Europe.

Climate Tech
Supply Chain
Design Strategy
UX Design
Community Integration
Interactive Maps


More than 1.7M tons of batteries will have reached their end of life in 2030 in Europe alone.

Extending their lifespan and feeding valuable materials back into the economy at their end is crucial to reducing their environmental impact.

The BatteReverse EU-funded project aims to build an efficient and sustainable reversed logistics value chain for large electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

The new community driven website experience is the cornerstone of the initiative with visions of building a strong and thriving community of passionate battery logistic experts across Europe steering us toward a future characterised by synergy between sustainable principles and cutting-edge technology.


Without strategy, execution is aimless

The BatteReverse stakeholders have an ambitious vision of becoming the go-to destination for EoL battery logistics enthusiasts and experts. The success of the project lay upon our ability to foster early adoption to build a budding community from the ground up. Our strategy led us down a path of discovery as to the nuanced audience drivers to better understand what would motivate individuals with valuable insights to join and contribute to the dissemination of industry intelligence.

What we did
Business Immersion
Strategy Workshops
Stakeholder Interviews
Competitive Landscape

UX & Visual Design

People ignore design that ignores people

Motivating individuals to contribute to a growing network is significant challenge for any initiative. We determined early in the project that in order to foster adoption, we needed to create an intuitive and engaging interface combined with best-in-class user experience. The System © allowed us to fully understand our audience through meticulous exploration of audience personas, journey maps, pain-points and empathic insight to fuel the website functions and features and look/feel that offered an experience built to inform and drive conversion.

What we did
User Experience Strategy
Audience Personas
Journey Mapping
Look/Feel Analysis
Wireframes & Prototyping

Webflow Development

Trusting in our foundations, we execute with finesse and speed

By following and trusting in The System ©, we were able to enter development phase well informed and poised for project success.

With crystal clear project alignment from both our team and the client stakeholders, we collectively had a shared roadmap for success which saw us execute on our groundwork at record pace.

As a sustainable design studio, we’re proud that our solution was built sustainably on Webflow through the client-first style system ensuring a light-weight and scalable website experience.

What we did
Webflow Development
Custom Mapbox Development
CMS Configuration
Community Integration

People First.

Not just a phrase but a philosophy. Collaborating closely with BatteReverse stakeholders, we seamlessly integrated a community platform, transforming the website into a hub of knowledge exchange, networking, events, and communication channels. This dynamic transformation resonated with the core ethos of BatteReverse, cementing the platform as a beacon for transformational ideas and collaborative efforts.